WANTED: trailing arbutus

kyletFebruary 1, 2007

looking for a source of epigaea repens, trailing arbutus

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Does this plant transplant ok? I had some from a rescue (road widening) but they did not make it. Have you grown it before? If so, give some tips for cultivation as I may run across it again. Thanks.

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for great info on native plants try Bill Cullina's New England wildflower guide, it has lots of info including propergation. Bill lived in NC and worked at a place in Chapel Hill called Niche Gardens they should be able to help with info on keeping these plants alive in your area. I visited the garden and the people area very nice and helpfull, good luck and keep up the rescues

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I tried only moving the plants, which Cullina really says should not be done, but the next time I run across it I will try the seeds if I can collect any. I have his book, and I refer to it all of the time for propagation. Niche is a good place but was even better when Kim owned it. I do go over there occasionally. Thanks for the comments, and if you know of any place in the NC area that is being developed, let us know. We have an organized group that will go out and try to remove plants slated for the bulldozer...if we can get permission, which is really difficult.

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