WANTED: large spring trade...april -may

missa(z5MA)February 11, 2006

Hi there! I am looking to make a few large trades! I have several wants. i was lucky enough to trade with some generous traders last spring but i fear the plants i got might have died. a family member has fallen Ill and i was the one whom had taken car of him and i feel that my neglect in waterings may have killed them. so im starting over this year. i am in need of some large trades for woodland plants. Ive already purchased a good number of plants off of people on e bay but there are still soooo many plants i want and im hopeing to trade for them insead of buying them. here are some of my newer wants that may not be on my list just yet:

* Mayapple

* Jack in the pulpit

* yellow bells

* TURKS CAP (not michigan lily)

* wild blue phlox

* Trillium~ yellow, pink and purple

* Fire pinks

* here are more from my list:


* Early Meadowrue

* Verbascum, 'Jackie' or make an offer

* Rosy twisted stalk, Streptopus Lanceolatus

* Swamp Candles, Lysimachia Terrestris

* Hardy beard tongue

* Apocynum Androsaemifolium, (Spreading dogbane)

* Viola Sororia "rubra"

* Viola Conspersa ( dog violet)

* Viola Sastrata

* Viola Rotundifolia

* Trailing Arbutus

* Greek valerian (polmonium Reptans)

* Linnea Borealis (Twin flower)

* Lg. purple fringed orchid (Plantanthera Grandiflora)

* Green fly orchid (Epidendrum Conopseum)

* Lg. tway blade (liparis liliifolia)

* Small whorled Pogonia (Isotria Medeoloides)

* lady slippers, any but i already have pink.

* Trillium Undulatum (painted trillium)

* Trillium Viride

* Virginia meadow beauty, Rhexia Virginica

* Scarlet Pimpernel (Anagallis Arvensis)

* Purple prairie clover(petalostemum purpureum)

Some of the plants i trade for will also be donated to a non-prof organization called the opacum land trust at which they protect endangered species and land in my surrounding area. Each year I donate plants for their annual plant sale. so lets make a trade and help me as well as the cause!

Also If someone out there doesnt have the plants im looking for i may consider a trade for CLEAN nursery pots that are black preferably green is ok too. Quart sized up to 2 gallon size. For a few of my plants....im not sure whats fair to trade for these so lets talk. Should anyone have any pots available for shipping let me know IM INTERESTED! I must have more pots to put the plants in that i am to donate! Lg plastic drinking cups just wont cut it! Thanks everyone! PLEASE SEE MY TRADE LIST FOR THE PLANTS I SHOULD HAVE COME SPRING! Missa

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jerry_murray(20F/Puget Sound)

Do you have any terrestrial orchids? Which pink one do you speak of? I also have many erythronium species such as E. oreganum and americanum and rostratum. I have an abundance of Trillium ovatum. I also have hundreds of dk green 6"x5", #3 and #1 pots, but I fear the cost of shipping from Washington State would be prohibitive.

The following are plants I would like to obtain to complete my species' garden:
* lady slippers (what is your pink species?)
* Trillium Undulatum (painted trillium)
* Trillium Viride
* Lg. purple fringed orchid (Plantanthera Grandiflora)

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Hi I have tons of mayapples, how many would you be looking for?

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