Amaranth 'orange giant' edible?

gilar(Z6B/7A NJ)June 17, 2005

Hi, I've some orange giant amaranth started from seed. They are growing very quickly. I know certain types of amaranth is edible, but is this variety in that category? If yes, can I harvest the leaves when they are a foot tall? It is supposed to reach six or seven feet.



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divaqs(z7 Seattle)

Do you have the latin name?

I did some searching, but couldn't find anything specific. I did find an interesting article (linked below) discussing Amaranth's edibility, but it definitely sounds like not all are edible.

Probably your best bet would be to request more information from the company that you got the seed from.

This looks like a great plant for my edible yard.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chinese Spinach

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gilar(Z6B/7A NJ)

Divaq, thanks for the post and I checked out your home page of edible landscape, it is awesome! Sorry I don't have any more info. I got the seeds in a seed exchange and all it said was "amaranthus orange giant".

It is growing really fast like several inches every day; I do hope they are edible.

Hope some one else posts their experience soon!


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gilar(Z6B/7A NJ)

Hi, I called a seed company and found out that the amaranth orange giant is a member of Amarathus Cruentes and therefore it is edible. I cooked some of the orange giant leaves with onions and spices and they were delicious!


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