ChicagoDeli37June 13, 2013

How do I eat this not even sure if know what it is

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It's nasturtium... the entire plant is edible (flowers, leaves, stems) I use it in a salad mix. The flowers are very spicy. People cook them also though.

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zzackey(8b GA)

I just read you can make a tea out of the flowers for headaches. It has a peppery taste. Used fresh in salads. It is a climber. Provide it with a trellis and enjoy a multitude of flowers.

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Nasturtiums are more scramblers than climbers and don't have tendrils or other way of clinging. Some are bush varieties and do not produce runners. We eat them a lot in salads. The flowers taste rather different from the leaves. Don't put the flowers in the salad spinner as they will bruise badly. Leave them until the last minute before adding to your salad.

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these are excellent! They make a nice jelly if you are into making jelly - for toast - don't have the kick to them as if eating them fresh and the jelly makes a nice orange color. I read that if you fertilize these plants you will not get all the flowers so don't fertilize. The hummingbirds love these plants so they are just a big hit around our house. And yes you can eat the whole flower, stem etc. Try them you will like them!

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