WANTED: Wanted: Winecup, Skullcap & Others

gonativegal(zone 5a)March 19, 2007


I'm looking for the following plants:

Clustered Winecup - Callirhoe triangulata, or the other species involucrata (Purple Poppy Mallow)

Skullcap - Scuttellaria incana. There are other species out there but I am looking for this one in particular.

Celadine Poppy is on my wish list as well.

I have for trade:

Wake Robin's Trillium - Trillium erectum

Solomon's Seal - Polygonatum biflorum

Canadian Anenome - Anenome canadensis

Woodland Brome Grass - Bromus pubescens

Canadian Wild Rye Grass -

North Sea Oats - Chasmanthium latifolium

Zig Zag Goldenrod - Solidago flexicaulis

Stiff Goldenrod - Solidago rigida

Grass-leaved Goldenrod - S. graminifolia

Common Mountain Mint - Pycnanthemum virginianum

Nodding Onion - Allium cernuum

Ohio Spiderwort - Tradescantia ohioensis

Orange Coneflower - Rudbeckia speciosa (the species not the cultivar Goldstrum)

Brown-Eye Susan - Rudbeckia triloba

Wild Golden Glow - Rudbeckia lancianata

False Sunflower - Heliopsis Helianthoides

Wild Geranium - Geranium macultum

Wild Senna - Cassia hebecarpa

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gonativegal(zone 5a)


I forgot to add - I am looking for any of the native sedges such as:

Carex bicknelli, stricta, greyii, pennsylvanica, rosea, vulponoides and any others you can think of, I know there's more.

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I have a few seeds of callirhoe involucrata harvested last fall that you can have for postage and a return address envelope if you'd like. Send me an email if so.


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I have Celandine Poppy that I can trade for something of yours. My plants are just a few inches out of the ground and should be able to travel well. I might have Scutellaria incana (I need to verify that is what I have already) later in the season.

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grandmasgarden(7A AR)

I have some Callirihoe plants if you are still looking. lmk

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i have a very interesting skullcap, s. parvula, which runs on a rhizome that looks like a string of cheap white beads. it is rather invasive, and should probably be kept in pots over concrete. i put it into really good dirt years ago, and have it everywhere. beautiful pink flowers in spring, smooth mint-looking plant, about 12 inches tall. if you are interested, i have plenty.

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If your still interested in Carex pennsylvanica, my woods is full of it, they love shade, the clumps are about 9 in. tall and the same wide..

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