downspout edible gardens?

JanebethJune 12, 2013

Thanks to an awesome program run by my local water department, I am about to get a large downspout planter box. When I mentioned to the guy doing the site assessment I planned to put tomatoes in the planter box, he said that vegetables (or any edible plants) should not be grown in downspout planters. When I pressed him, he didn't have much to say.

So, collective wisdom, is this a good idea or not? The water would be draining from the front half of my house; part of that area has a newer white roof, the other part has traditional flat-roof material. As it is the same rain that falls on my other vegetables, I can't see what the problem would be, unless the roofing materials contribute some contaminant (but since no one tells you not to water your edibles with rainbarrel water, I still am not seeing what the issue is).


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bjdurham(z7a GA)

If your house has asphalt shingles, they may be treated with cheminals to prevent algae or prevent sun damage. If you have old gutters they may have lead solder. I don't know if the plants would take up the chemicals and hurt you but you might want to research the material of the roof.

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