Raspberry spacing?

kim0201June 18, 2009

I have a place in my back yard where I'd like to try some raspberry plants. It's in a corner & I can run them along the fence extending out from the corner approx 10 ft in each direction. Based on the recommended spacing of 3 ft between plants, I could put one plant in the corner & an add'l 3 plants in each direction for a total of 7 plants.

Does this sound reasonable? Am I allowing enough space or too much space? Will these 7 plants produce enough berries to even make it a worthwhile effort? It's just my DH & me at home now with an occasional visit from one of our DDs or my mother.

Appreciate hearing from those experienced with raspberries. Thank you.

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thebadseed(5B NJ)

I have ONE raspberry bush. It produces from about mid-June to September. Right now we're getting about a pint every third day. It started as a dying twig three years ago and is now about 6 feet wide by 5 feet high, although the canes are much longer and will trail all over the ground. I would plant fewer than you want, because you'll get a lot more volunteers - they're quite invasive (even if you like them). You might even want to put them in pots to contain their zeal. 7 plants, once they get going, would be enough to run a farm stand if they put out like mine.

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Thank you badseed for your comments - I will definitely consider scaling back my plant #s based on your experience. I can always add more at a future date if I don't have the same experience.

Thanks again.

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