Silver Buffalo Berry

ALPSin_NYJune 26, 2005

I'm looking to plant a hedge along the road for privacy, and have found the Silver Buffalo Berry to be a good candidate. Has anyone grown this, or have any other info on it??

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I have just two plants of silver buffalo berry. They aren't exactly thriving but they don't get any care either. I'm using them as part of a hedge but I don't know how tall they will get. They are somewhat dense, so they are a bit of a visual screen. I'll have to check, but I think that they have some thorns. (Obviously I don't pay them much attention, and they aren't here at home.) I wonder if pruning them would make them denser, that is, if more privacy were wanted.

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I would like to trade for some fresh / dried, Buffalo Berry seeds. I am trying to grow from seeds all types of berry producing plants.

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