Any edibles that can also provide summer privacy?

tanama(z7a, southern DE)June 16, 2007

We'd like to plant a 10-15' section of SOMEthing that will grow 6' or taller, and dense (or that will allow us to plant them densely), to give us a little privacy from a nearby intersection when we sit on our front porch in the summer.

I'd love for it to be something edible but I have no clue as to what it might be.

Something standalone (berries of some kind??) would be best, but a trellis with something that vines up quickly and densely is also good.

Thanks for sharing any ideas that you might have!

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There are some blueberry plants that get that tall.

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jean_q(Sunset 15)

Is there enough sun for pole beans or scarlet runner beans? They would only need a few strings which you could run down from the top of your porch. If you don't like picking beans all the time, you could grow a variety that's good for dry beans and just pick them all in fall.

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johnnycadoseed(z9NV sunset 11)

Grapes. I have four front windows with Thompson, Flame, Fantasy, and Concord seedless in front of them and they give me good privacy. I didn't install trellises, I use twine which blends in quickly.

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do you want something for summer only, then try pole beans.
hops will grow very quickly as well, come back every year
but die down in the fall. what about a hardy kiwi vine or hardy passion fruit?

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An asparagus row takes a year or two to establish, but once in makes a very pretty, ferny, minimal care screen that will return every year. You can cut it to the ground in the winter for a neat look. It's great for attracting pollinators, too.

I'll second Josie's vote for blueberries, too. Many types will give you great red fall color as an added bonus.

Both of these would need plenty of sun.

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