Spring is Flirting With Us - Pics

organic_kitten(8)March 20, 2013

the yo-yo weather with it beautiful springlike days followed by wintry chill is not keeping the blooms away entirely. No daylilies yet, but tulips and daffs.

the tree is about as pretty as it will be ths year:

Lots of tulips and daffs have been blooming:

These are DHs favorites:

These have been pretty:

Remember the "come-back" tulips? this is their 3rd year to bloom. (mama cat is in front of them)

These are alongside the greenhouse (poor light)

closer picture a couple days ago:

And the pansies have been beautiful all winter:

The Mount Hood daffs are favorites of mine:

I love how they go from yellow cups to solid white.

Too many pics, I know. I'm going to close with the view of the main tulip bed (which is also the zinna bed):

See, spring Is coming.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Oh Wow Kay: you have spring blooms and very pretty ones, too. I love that Tulip tree, its soo pretty. you have lots of tulips and daffs blooming, so pretty, too, the pansies are really pretty, too. I use to grow them every year, but, for some reason, haven't had any for several years now.Love your cat, shes so pretty. I really miss my Miss Blackie.The man next door to me, walked over here a couple days ago, to see how I been doing and the first thing he said was :" I am sure missing that miss Blackie cat" he said she was always sitting at the corner of his carport when he came in from work at night,and soon as he got hom, she jumped down from where she always sat and waited, and she would come running home, and he sure misses her.I told him I do too, and I don't think there will ever be another cat like her, she was so very smart.The lady that use to live across the street from me told me once I have my cat trained very good,and I asked her what she meant, she said she often brought some tuna fish out to feed her,and she wouldn't eat it, she turned around and left,so I had her trained to not eat anywhere but at home. I laughed and told her no, Miss BLackie don't like fish of any kind.


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Julia NY(6)

Great Kay. Boy, it sure is nice to see some color. I also like the tulips you hubby likes. Great color. Your tulip tree is so pretty too.

We've continued to have snow flurries or what we call "white outs" here and the temps barely get above freezing. Wind chills make us feel like we are in the teens. :-(.

Thanks for sharing.

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Nancy zone 6

Beautiful! Your flowers look so very pretty. My tulip tree isn't blooming yet, but I'm itching to see it now. We had record low temps last night, 19 degrees, I haven't been out yet to see how it has affected things. I had lilies just poking their heads out & one new peony was up several inches. I think the peony might bloom this year if the cold doesn't knock it back too much. I pulled some mulch over it, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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FlowerGardener(Z4 MN)

Thank you Kay for sharing your beautiful spring photos! Love all of them those yellow with red tulips are outstanding. It will be quite a while until my magnolia tree blooms we still have lots of snow banks here with very cold single digit temps....Betty

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

It was a treat to see all those pretty blooms. Mama Cat is almost camouflaged in that photo amongst the dry leaves & the wooden planters! We got another foot of snow dumped onto what we already had so it will take even longer now for it all to melt. Spring is taking its time here but I am so happy for you that you have so much blooming and so lovely too. Enjoy!


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Thank you so much for looking and commenting. Spring has been straggling along here since late January. But with up and down weather, it took a while for blooms really to come into their own.

Jean, Mama Cat was one of three feral kittens that we took pity on and fed. They would not allow us to touch them for months, and received silly names to differentiate them. She had the first kittens (which we managed to trap, tame and find homes for. since we trapped her too, we had her fixed.) the first one to allow petting was (cringe) Boy Cat. he was a sweetheart, but caught a disease and died. White Cat (below) had a single kitten and we were able to trap her and the kitten and fix her, tame kitten, find it a home.

She will come up to be petted, but will never come in the house. She lives on our deck for the most part. Mama Cat comes in at night and goes out early in the morning.

Thanks, Julia, the good thing is your spring will be a real spring. Mine will quickly morph into summer followed by inferno. And your garden is so beautiful.

Thanks, Nancy the freezes and near freezes don't seem to bother tulips, lilies, or the peonies here, but my peonies are not the gorgeous bloomer I've seen others have. And also like Julia, you have a lovely garden.

Celeste, DH was looking at the photos from across the room and couldn't make out Mama Cat due to the colors. Looking forward to your gorgeous photo of spring and the roses.

Thanks, Betty. Like Julia, you have a better chance of a decent summer than I do, which is compensation for the snow and cold, I guess. Another thing all of you snowbirds can do is grow the plants I can only dream about growing. Lilacs, Delphiniums, lupines...roses that require o much chill. Sigh. But I am enjoying the blooms and I am glad you all liked them too.

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Cindy zone 6a

Oh thanks for posting these wonderful pics, all of them. I am sitting here with a snow storm approaching. Reporting at least 2 inches, perhaps more. I just hate it now. My poor daffodils are stunted and seem confused. No bloom yet, but I see the buds.

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Thanks, Cindy. It won't be long before your beautiful bulbs are brightening your day, and, hopefully, ours through your pictures.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

kay, lovely blooms especially the bulbs and tulips. You know I just love tulips.

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Julia NY(6)

Kay: Well, maybe spring is coming here. The daffs, tulips,grape hyacinth and crocus are pushing up. The new peonies I planted last fall got zapped because they wouldn't stay down but new pips are coming up again. I had a gardening day today. I cut the clematis and one of the butterfly bushes back, saw some dayliles starting to poke up and cleaned up some dead dl foliage to see how the seedlings faired. I checked the iris and they too look like they are getting new leaves from the sides of the rhizomes.
Hopefully I didn't lose any dls from the winter. I noticed that a couple of dls I transplanted last fall to the back garden have grass growing near them. Darn, I thought I cleaned those plants thoroughly before transplanting.


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Well, Rita, you will soon have plenty of tulips to enjoy.

Winter decided to snap back at us, Julia, and it has been quite cool. No yard work this week, but by Thursday, it is supposed to thaw out.

I think it is impossible to get all the grass. It continually comes back to haunt us. I have reached the point in weeding to think it may be possible to get ready for spring. a lot to do yet, but I have almost all of the iris, all of the roses and most of the daylilies weeded and in good shape. Lots of mulch to go down yet though.

It sounds like you may soon have pictures to post. Great!


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Speaking of Come Back tulips, here is one for you all to try. It's Golden Oxford. My sister-in-law gave me some for my 40th birthday, I'm now 79. They come back every year and I have them scattered all over the gardens. There is even a clump in the bermuda. There's a Red Oxford too, but it isn't nearly as prolific. Others that come back well are the perennial tulips I got from White Flower Farm, and Darwin hybrids.

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