kiwis from seeds

paradisi(Sunshine Coast)July 12, 2005

How easy is it to grow kiwi fruit from seed?

I tried what i did with passionfruit (cut the fruit in half and buried each half in a different part of the garden - hundreds of seedlings) but haven't got a sprout yet.

any hints on what to do??

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no clue- I've got two young ones, one of which I bought off the web, and one I took a cutting.

I'm not sure that kiwi seeds are particularly fertile- otherwise, I'd have lots of them in my compost heap by the end of the season (like the melons that sprouted there.)

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

I've had no problem growing kiwi from seed. I sift them out, let em dry for a day or two and then water and keep em moist. Took about 1-2 months for germination if I recall.

I've got 4-5 from storebought seed in their third year.


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fluffygrue(z8 UK)

My mum's hopeless at growing seeds, but a few years ago put some seeds from a kiwi fruit she'd eaten in a pot of soil and they sprouted into healthy plants. They've not flowered, but they've grown huge and the foliage is lovely against their trellis.

So it's worth a try I think. :)

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I germinate fuzzy kiwiÂs in an acidic soiless medium with the baggie method. Clean the kiwi seeds & place them in a baggie of medium. It will take a long time  about a month, but they should germinate. There are about 800 seeds/fuzzy kiwi, so you should get many sprouts. The sprouts are delicate, so they need to be watched when young.
Cold hardy kiwi can not be germinated this way  they need cold stratification.

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