HAVE: wild violets

timberlane(8- upstate SC)April 19, 2005

I have tons of wild violets in my backyard and would love to trade for other neat plants that will return year after year. I have people ask me all the time about these. They get really big and spread all over while blooming profusely. Would love to trade for others types, colors or any other interesting plants.

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I would love some -- I'm trying to get my side and back yards planted with as much natives as possible. If you're willing to send some for postage, that'd be great. Otherwise, all I have is one very lovely margeurite daisy to dig up -- it spreads readily but not invasively, and has lovely golden flowers. The one I have available is about 8-12 inches across and very healthy. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!

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KarenHamman(z8 OR)

I would love some wild violets, I have moutain bluet (blue coneflower), chives, calendula, and champagne poppy (seeds)

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dclee123(Z5 Kansas)

Question......???????Do your wild violets bloom all the time? Mine bloomed and I think they are done. THey are in full shade though. Is there any way to get them to bloom all the time? Should I move some to the sun?

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I too would absolutely adore to have some wild violets! I am in Florida.Do check my trade list (Art 777)and let me know what you would like in return.....Wish my digital camera would work with this Mac.I could send you photos by snail mail....Marilyn

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Sean_Whiting(z24 CA)

I would like some for sasbe Sean

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timberlane(8- upstate SC)

ok I'll be glad to do some trading and I'll throw some your way,too, Sean Whiting.

Karen Hamman - I'd love some moutain bluet (blue coneflower).

dceel123- yeah, I have some in shade as well but the ones in full sun seem to flower like crazy!

Art777- I'd love some rooted cuttings of bouganvillia!!!

I'll try to e-mail everybody and get ready folks... I'll mail tons for trade :)~

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