Scored a nice bistro table

schoolhouse_gwMarch 11, 2012

Kohls advertised a metal bistro table with mesh top on sale for $99, originally $249 or $229. I've been wanting one for inside the privet arch, something I can leave out all season and not have to drag in and out between rain showers. Well, thought about it all day and finally went to check them out awhile ago. They only had two left. With my card, a 15% scratch off coupon, and $10 Kohls cash-back, it came to $80. Not too bad. It's only 27" high, but good enough to sit beside a chair. It has to be put together, but I don't think it will be too difficult.

I'm really getting Spring fever too. Resisted the urge to poke around in Lowe's to see what's new in the garden department.

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I love bistro tables! You got a great deal. Enjoy.

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Congrats on a great deal! I think my mom and I are going to Lowe's tomorrow...even though it's too early to buy anything, but seeds :)

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happyintexas(z7 TX)

You got a great deal!

I scored one a couple of years ago late season at Home Depot. We keep it on the back's a great place for breakfast on a pretty morning.

I hope you have many enjoyable moments with yours.

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Can't wait to see it in your beautiful garden setting.

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I'm going to put it together later today, my aunt asked me to take her shopping.

happyintexas, I bought a bigger square metal mesh top table and two matching chairs from O'Neils (does that store still exist?) over 25yrs. ago, and they have sat out on my back porch in all kinds of weather year round for years. Just now showing signs of rust here and there. Hopefully this new table is as well made. It's small enough I have room to put it away for the winter too. Not very old fashioned looking but oh so practical. A pretty vintage tablecloth looks just as nice covering it.

Which reminds me, now I need to find one or two chairs to go with it. I like wicker chairs and use them alot but again the dragging in and out during rain is a drawback. And I don't care for resin wicker. I have a little round "Parisian" style table in the orchard I repainted a couple years ago, the matching wood slated chairs finally gave way; but I found some small metal barrel chairs at RKO on sale for cheap and find them petty comfortable. They are quite heavy tho and of course don't fold up like the table so are more difficult to store. Also prefer a chair with arms. I'm sure I'll come across something.

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I had purchased a wrought iron bistro table complete with a chair for about $99 so many years ago too. It is set up on my front porch so one can sit there for hours absorbing the sun.

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bev2009(6 IN)

I read that you can use car wax on your metal ornaments to protect them. I wonder if that would work on your table too. I don't know if you would want to use it on the seat. However, the wax gets hard enough on cars to sit on, so maybe it would be fine for the seat too.

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Hopefully the table will stand up to the elements without any special treatment, but will remember the car wax idea. My iron statue gets a brushing and wipe down of motor oil at least twice a season if it's a particularly wet one.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

I now have two bistro sets, bought one, the other I picked up roadside shopping :). Our neighbor up the street was moving so had put her's on the curb with a free sign. I made DH back the truck up, him grumbling, looking over his shoulder to see if anyone was looking, I said stop your grumbling, THAT is coming home with me LOL.
The one I bought has open mesh so the rain won't sit in puddles, the roadside acquisition is metal too but the table top is solid so rain will puddle but hey, a quick wipe will fix that, it looks very retro (shiny aluminum). Now to find the right place in the garden for it.


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Annette, my little green metal folding table in the orchard has a solid top and especially since it sits under the apple tree, it gets so dirty. I need to go back to the house and get a wet rag to wash it off whenever I use it. I've threatened to drill some holes in it.

If I'd see a bistro table on the curb for free, you better bet I'd stop and grab it too. Good score.

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