Pump water from nearby stream to my vege garden

kaihui(Z7 VA)July 9, 2007

I love gardening, but am having constant problem with HOA. Finanly I decide to rent a garden lot from city's recretion park. There is no restriction on what I can grow, ann metal fencing and trelis are allowed.

It seems my dream comes true, but the only problem is the water.

The graden lot is about 40ft x 40ft. I plan to grow some vegetables, black/blue berries, maybe corns and sun flowers, and some perennial and annual flowers.

Can I grow those things without any watering? If so, what are more drought tolerate?

Also, there is a stream about 50 YD away from the garden lot. Some other gardeners use buckets to get water there. I am thinking if there is a way I can pump the water out from the stream to my graden. How difficult is it to do that? I want the whole system to be compact so it fits into my SUV. I will install it everytime when I go to work in my garden and fold it back after the use. Is this doable? What should I buy?

Thanks in advance,


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one option would be to try and convince a 'development' organization to let you get a treadle pump or pedal pump. Otherwise hauling buckets might have to do. To make your buckets more efficient though, you might want to get a larger barrel and set it up on a short platform, just to raise it 3 or 4 feet off the ground. Drill a hole near the bottom and attach a hose connector there. You can then use gravity fed drip system throughout your garden to make the most targetted use of the water - you just have to haul and fill your barrel with water and gravity would then water for you.

let us know what you figure out. there really aren't too many manual type of water pumps in the North American market.

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