Strange unknown vine w/fruits

squinn(Z5)July 31, 2005


I have a new house and a WONDERFUL new garden. I have one vine I have not been able to ID. It grows fast, a bright green color with three lobed leaf. It climbs with tendril creepers, it has small yellow blossoms that yeild small green thin skinned fruits (vegtables?) with faint stripping. The largest so far if 3/4" to an inch" they start out tiny.

The previous owner said it was edible but we have no idea to know when it's ripe. Anyone have or know what this is??



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housePLANTS(nothern calif)

Maybe a chayote squash? Try a search on Google, or the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Google: chayote squash

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I finally just picked one and tried it. It turned out to be Melothria scabra. Mexican Sour Cuke, Cuca-Melon, variety of names out there. VERY tasty! The cucumber taste gave me better search ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mexican Sour Cukes

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legumefinder(z6 TN)

I planted a melothria scabra from seed in a medium size pot with ordinary potting soil. I put it in a spot that got sun in the morning and more shade in the after noon. The seedling started off a little slow, but once it began vining it grew very fast since I planted it in July and it is now reaching about 20 ft across a string I put up for it. Most of the first fruits it put out didn't get a start since the male flowers came out way earlier than the fruit bearing ones, but I finally have a cucumber that's over a half an inch long and a lot more little ones following. Can't wait to try them.

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legumefinder(z6 TN)

I picked my first cucumber today after letting it develope for a couple of weeks. I think they taste excellent, just like a slice of cucumber without having to peel or slice. I'm going to plant this again next spring and use them in a salad.

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