Ornamental plums edible?

Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)July 1, 2004

I am wondering if the small about 1 inch size plums off our ornamental plum tree can be used for jelly ? They look just like an overgrown cherry, very pretty. We have a nice crop of them right now. The tree is one with the dark plum leaves and when it blooms, the blossoms are pink.

Thanks for any help.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

You can eat them if you want too. I have used the fruit of an ornamental purple leaved plum for making crumbles and they were fine. But they did need quite a lot of sugar as they are raher sour.

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I love those! I eat them right off the tree, too. I've never cooked with them, I usually use my Satsumas for jam and stewing, since they're firmer.

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I haven't tried to eat any of the fruits, but I'm wondering if you have had any problem with black fungus, which seems to have infected my ornamental plum tree this year. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the fungus?

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We have a flowering plum in our yard for the first time and it is loaded with small plums. Are these eidble like the Santa Rosa plums?

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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

They are really tart. I would not be able to eat them plain, but they make great jelly.

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Our ornamental plums ripen quite nicely and become as sweet as
regular plums, but are only the size of a large cherry. The kids
make an amazing jam from them. We're going to pit them like cherries
and try pie and plum cake, too.

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