Are fuschia berries edible?

jean_q(Sunset 15)July 18, 2006

I recently read that fuschia berries are edible. Does anyone know anything about this? Has anyone tried them?

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Here is a link that might be useful: fuschia berries

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paradisi(Sunshine Coast)

some of the berries are acidic and leave your tongue furry - some are quite sweet - the only way to find out is to nibble.

specialist Fuschia nurseries will be able to help you with the sweeter edible varieties.

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jean_q(Sunset 15)

Thanks, I was afraid to try them without more confirmation, but after reading the replies, and the link you provided, daisyduckworth, I went out and tasted mine and they were quite sweet and nice. I'll have to try them in cooking next. Thanks again.

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The Maoris of New Zealand gathered the berries of Fuchsia excorticata (Tree Fuchsia/kotukutuku/konini).

Fuchsia flowers are also edible - imagine a salad decorated with Fuchsia!

NB! It's Fuchsia and not Fuschia (or is this an accepted common spelling over there?)

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jean_q(Sunset 15)

No, you're right about the spelling--I spelled it wrong and I guess everybody else followed my lead. Thanks for the note about the flowers--they're going in my next salad! (I can see I'm going to have to plant more fuchsias.)

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mootube(UK 9 - 8b) has a list of the better fuchsia for eating, they may also have other articles on fuchsia in the site that I haven't checked.
I've only tried one fuchsia berry so far from a plant growing locally (probably a procumbens cultivar)and liked it enough to start collecting plants myself. So far I have Boliviana/corymbiflora, coccinea, excorticata (seeds), magellanica, procumbens and splendens.
I wouldn't put them quite on a par with commercial fruits from the berry I tried but it was far from disagreable and I've yet to try the best forms.

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