Transplanting wild blueberries and roses

wittyraven(4)July 6, 2013

We have some wild blueberry bushes in our backyard but they are down a hill and difficult to get to without getting bitten to death by mosquitoes. They are not producing very many berries so I was thinking about transplanting some of the bushes to a different spot that I am currently weeding out for a garden, then I can mulch them in the winter and maybe help them hopefully produce more... even if not the bushes make for pretty foliage. Is it too late to do this or do you think it would have enough time to establish a root system still? I am going to dig deep when I pull them out to try to get as many of their roots as possible, then they will be going straight back into the ground again.

We just move into our house in april and have been landscaping like crazy... trying to get as much done as possible before winter hits again. Also curious about transplanting wild roses and we have them absolutely everywhere but would like them in some specific places where they are not.

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Fall might be a better time to try and transplant the Blueberry plants,when temperatures are cooler, for better success.
They also grow best in acid pH soil,with Peat moss and Conifer bark (Pine and or Fir).I mulch with the bark also.
I'm not sure about the Roses. Brady

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Temperatures are in the 50's right now where I am. Is that cool enough? I should specify, I am in AK(Kenai Peninsula) supposed to be in the 50s-low 60s for the next couple weeks at least.(40s at night).

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Thanks for the peat and bark tip. I am planting them in the same soil they are in now I am just moving them closer towards the house. It is very sandy acidic soil. Actually I just had to pull up a ton of crowberry plants which tend to grow right along side the blueberries here so I think they should be pretty happy with the soil. Should I add any type of fertilizer at planting?

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Oh okay,yes those temperatures should be conducive for transplanting.
Fertilizing isn't really necessary.Maybe once in a couple weeks and stay away from anything with Muriate of Potash in it.I'd probably stop at late July,early August so any new growth won't be killed by cold weather later. Brady

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