Fruit or nut tree birds leave alone

GardenerRNJuly 21, 2012

Good afternoon everyone,

My wife and I are going to be celebrating our 4th anniversary soon and I was going to get a fruit or nut tree for our house. The only problem is that I the plum tree that we have is picked clean by birds about a week before they are ready to be eaten. I have tried CDs, foil, fishing line, wind chimes, our dog all to no avail. I want to get her a tree or bush but I don't want to want it to be a source of frustration. We also have a pomegranate tree and the birds don't touch it unless a piece of fruit falls and breaks open. I am assuming it is because the fruit skin is to think. Does anyone have any suggestions for trees/bushes that birds won't be a attracted to?

Thanks in advance,


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Citrus are ignored by squirrels, birds, raccoons and possums.

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Thanks kumquat. I would go with citrus but they don't to to well in our winters at least that is what I have read.

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We have planted Apricot trees at two of the places we have lived. The first time they bore fruit, the birds cleaned them out before we could pick any.

The following year we wrapped bird netting around the tree and were able to enjoy the fruits.

A link that might be useful:,default,pd.html

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if you like it birds and animals will to, the trick is to either cover the plants with a bird net or grow enough to share. new plants varieties like pink lemonade blueberry and yellow gold cherry will trick birds into thinking the fruit needs more time to ripen and might give you a chance to beat them to your harvest.

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When birds are hungary they eat any thing. I have figs, apricot blackberry and peach and grape vines. From our experience the only way to safe some fruit for us is use bird nets. Oh the wasps too are driving me nuts/

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yellow jackets are bad here in SC along with ants

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Your local nursery in Vegas might have some ideas for you. My grapes were eaten by coons or possums. I live on a golf course, and thought birds would be the problem! I'm willing to share a few grapes with some birds, but those big critters eat an entire bunch!

You can prune grape vines to look like trees. You tube has videos.

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