Bare root hollyhocks at Lowes....

schoolhouse_gwMarch 4, 2009

Now this is a first to me. On the outside of the bag, it says a hollyhock "mix" but one can't see through the bag and look at the plants. I tried to feel them with my fingers and it seemed like there are two short dried stalks and their roots in there. $4.98 a bag I think. Never saw them sold like this other than through catalogs.

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Hollyhocks are really easy to start from seed. A pack of seed would be cheaper than 2 roots that may or maynot grow. I have seen them available as roots and often wondered why anyone would buy them, that way.


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I agree, even at a nursery you can find nice plants for $4.98 or less.

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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

That's a new one on me too!! I believe in my world they are biennial, however, that's only a year to wait for blooms. I googled bare roots hollyhocks, and came up with a several hits. They are apparently for real, but I'd wait the year, myself.


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natalie4b(7b GA)

I have never seen any up till a month ago in Walmart. Had no idea they are sold in a root form. So, since these are some of my favorite plants, I had to get them ($5 for two roots). We will see what happens. Last year I planted a bunch of potted Hollyhocks I bought in Lowes, and rabbits did a number on them. I was heartbroken.
This year I will plant more seed then those rascals can eat. Is there such thing?

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That's bizarre.

I have created a concoction that keeps the critters away from the hollyhocks and most other plants. Actually I've eliminated most plants that aren't deer proof from my garden but I have to have hollyhocks! Doesn't help with rust though.

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A few years ago I bought a bag of hollyhock roots from Wal-Mart. I potted them up and put them in the green house until I could get them out into the ground. I dont know if it was the way I did it but they only grew to 2 feet tall but did bloom.I havent seen them since that year and wouldnt buy them again. I hope you have better luck with yours

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OT - why in the last three posts are there highlighted words like Lowes garden and house that when you click on them you get some nice spam?

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I noticed that just this morning, too. Rollover ads. REALLY annoying.

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And in the "Old Wives' Tales.." post, the word "sunflower" is highlighted and when you put your cursor on it, it suggests some related thread on Garden Web. Bizarre.

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I can't stand those rollover ads. If it gets too annoying, I'll be forced to stop reading the forums...which are hard to read through all the ads!!

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I hate when stores like Lowes start offering things "bare root." If you look inside the bags, you'd know that the roots are tiny and dried out and most certainly a waste of money. Even if they are "healthy," they won't last until planting time because these stores are putting them out on the shelves much too early in the season. I have gotten taken by buying these bare root plants myself....and never again!


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I bought a few packs of bare-root hollyhocks at Walmart during the early spring. I tried starting hollyhock seeds inside over the winter, but my kitten got into the plants. So I decided I would just try out the bare-root plants because I don't have the patience to wait two year for them to bloom. I have a lot of plants that I planted this year that won't bloom until next year. We just bought this house last fall and there is nothing for flowers in our yard other than three tulips. But anyway, while I was planting them along the house, I noticed that all of the bare-roots were in really nice condition. None were shriveled or dried out and they all had growth on them before I put them in the ground. Hopefully they come out nice this summer.

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lavendrfem(z6 CT)

I saw those bare-root hollyhocks myself - and I'm curious to see how they grow. I'd love to hear more from people who bought them. I bought a bare-root trilium from Lowes for $1.98 - we'll see.

but hollyhocks are easy to germinate. Anyone ever try the Indian Spring Hollyhocks (the package says they are perennials?).


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Hollyhocks are my all time favorite cottage garden plant - they are a shortlived perennial for me depending on the winters but every year I start them from seed so that I will have a constant supply of them - I can never have too many. I am very partial to the oldfashioned singles - reminds me of my grandmothers garden out in the country - hollyhocks around the outhouse and the well house .....


this is a volunteer

another vounteer but sadly I have lost it and the seed didn't come true - I just loved this one

ones I started from seed

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A favorite of mine,too. Oh, that yellow/peach blush one is so pretty.

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Hollyhocks are the only plants I have been able to successfully grow from both seed and bare roots. Interestingly enough, the bare root plants were mail-ordered from Spring Hill Nursery. It was my first attempt at it and they have survived beautifully. Anytime i have ever bought them from a garden center and planted from pots they have succumbed to horrible rust.

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natalie4b(7b GA)

Rabbits just ate the ones I got from Walmart (bareroot). It was growing so nicely, I was checking on them every morning, and suddenly - just the small stomps of stems left (sigh).
I thought I would outsmart rabbits and plant it right next to the house, hide it behind a bunch of other plants... Well, does it prove that rabbits are smarter then humans? :) At least some of them...
Oh well, there are still some are growing from seed. Will see what happens to those. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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I recently bought the bare roots from walmart. The package doesn't specify if the roots go vertically or horizontally?

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I planted 5 of these last year. All came up and produced huge rosettes of leaves (larger than the package indicated). They never died back in the winter and now the rosettes are 3 ft tall and about 2-3 ft in diameter. As I understand it, this should be their year to bloom. Some of them look like they are in the process of creating the stalk, but it's hard to tell for sure yet. Either way, at least in my zone, the roots grow very well and add greenery all year long. Hopefully I'll have flower stalks a little later this spring/summer. I think the bag I purchased was a 5 pack from wal-mart for $5.

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mmhoth(4 WI)

I bought a 5 pk of these Hollyhocks from Walmart too. Planted them about 2 wks. ago. Does anyone know how long it takes to see any results. They look just like the roots from a weed or flower. Not bare root-like at all.

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