WANTED: Good Natives for Sandy Riverbank.

ficus-spider-manMay 14, 2007

I currently Live In Highland park, St,paul MN. My phone Num is 651-699-9112. I want some Common mIlkweed, Butterfly weed, Big bluestem,and Brown eyed susean plants, like in 5 or 6 inch pots. Also any tips for good kinds of natives that grow well in a dryer sandy riverbanks. I'm trying to restore a park by my house with natives. have promission for someone who repersents the city I saw at a job fair.

( ps. They wouldn't let me mark both have to trade and to want but if you guys do this favor for me, just PM your adress to my email. It is Alexjunge@mac.com, this fall I will give you some Purple coneflower seeds, butterfly milkweed seeds, Swamp milkweed seeds and Brown eyed susean seeds.)

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