Container corn help?

lieblingxdasxkraut(5)August 4, 2012

I've not grown corn before and my corn has these like spike things one came out a week or so ago 3 more also have the starts of them what are they?

I also noticed ants and earwicks seem to love the plants the earwicks are in the middle of the corn

I water the bottom of the containers and this was intended as an experiment to see if it was possible there are 4 varieties of corn which means seeds wouldn't likely come true I think I still wanna try saving some for the fun of it

The 2 containers also have (one each) loofah and watermelon in them all started from seeds in the containers

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Any chance of a picture?


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plants under stress are subject to pest and diseases. although your soil may be flawless because it's potting soil or whatever the roots are still restricted and corn is shallow rooted so the roots will all rush outward and hit the hot wall of the container thus stressing the plant. corn belongs in the ground where the roots can roam free. if your ground sucks you can use a raised bed or kiddy pool with holes in the bottom but depth is less important then width. for best results the depth should be at least 6 inches and each plant needs 1sq ft of growing room so space them accordingly. if you plant them too close don't be scared to thin them out but do so early in the season so you don't damage the other plants' roots around it. Good luck and don't give up if you fail this season just try it another way next spring.

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I honestly have never heard of anybody growing corn in a container. They must be pretty large containers. There are all kinds of different corn, from types of millet, to hopi, broom, and everything in between. Goggle for pictures of those if your interested, I have some cool black broom corn.

Anyway, I am no corn expert but you should check out in the future growing pole beans as they affix nitrogen to the soil and can use the corn as a stalk. They grow pretty well together but you have to start the corn about a month prior depending on where you live.

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