Almost unbelievable!

mary_lu_gwMarch 6, 2012

Today, March 6th it is 69 degrees here! Almost all snow is gone. I even opened the front door and bedroom door for fresh air. It is warmer outside than inside the house!

Makes me want to go out and start cleaning up the garden, but good sense tells me this will not last, it is just too early!

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Wow! That is almost unbelievable! And too early...we're expecting low 50's later this week, but that won't last, either. Nice for a while, though :)

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We're still waiting for the warm front the weatherman promised us. We're supposed to hit the 60s tomorrow. You wouldn't know it from the temps this morning though.

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Supposed to be 55 today! I'm heading out the door now!

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It's suppose to get up to 62 here today. Right now at 10:23a it's 51. Too early for me to get into Spring cleaning but I do need to drive the riding mower around back and give it a good bath before taking it to the shop for it's annual check up. Yeah, I know I could leave it as is but.. ha. Last Fall I spiffed it all up to be put away for the season but afterwards I decided to mow down the weed and wildflower patch in the orchard. Well, you can imagine what it looked like afterwards and I put it away just like that.

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yeah way too warm on my side of the border too. However it's way too early to do any serious clean ups. Don't remove last year's mulch yet. Or clean up fallen leaves. We have to keep the beds' temperatures steady because before you know it, there's a deep freeze again and those poor emerging plants could suffer.

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I have a dog, so what I get to clean up isn't nearly as fun as the garden beds. But it needs to be done and the more I get done now, the less there will be later. Once it stays warm, I can keep up with it daily.
It is absolutely gorgeous out there. The crocuses are up and the Daffs are starting to show themselves. The downside is all the mud. We had a substantial bit of snow melt all at once. This morning, my front yard was still over half snow, now it's all gone.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I is a glorius day here also. Sunny and about 60 degrees. Feels like spring which is fine by me.

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Well, that didn't last long. The high today is supposed to be 42. Another cool one tomorrow, then nice again for a couple of days. Once again, New England's weather shows its reputation is not exaggerated.
I did get the yard cleaned up yeaterday, from the dog's winter mess. I'm planning a new bed for my son, so I am going to try to get out there and lay some newspaper and cover it with some lovely half-done compost. I'm also going to try to do a thin layer where we put our table so that I can (hopefully) lay the pavers later without having to pull weeds first. The weeds are healthy and green out there when I'm barely getting my Crocuses and Daffs up, so I think I should do this sooner rather than later.

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We have a dusting of snow this morning. High today is supposed to be 37. Tomorrow is supposed to be back in the 50s. Then low 60s for the next two days.
I did get started on laying the newspaper and compost for the bed for my son, (about half done. I don't enjoy being out when it's chilly.) Hopefully, I can get it finished on Sunday. If I can come out ahead of even a small percentage of the weeds I usually have to deal with, then I'll be better off this year.
I'm itching to start really cleaning the existing beds, but I'm forcing myself to wait. At least the current projects get me outside and working in the yard. It'll hold me over until I can get started on some serious work out there.

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Still having nice weather. Had 2 days where it cooled off a little, but nice again today. 63 right now.

The forecast is for continued warm and by Wednesday of next week we are supposed to be in the mid 70's. Hard to believe in mid-March that we are having these temps!

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It's 46 here now, after really warm weather earlier, a nice soft rain falling through tomorrow, with temps in the high 70's next week. Time to start weeding next week for sure! We didn't get any cold weather at all this winter; I sure don't like that, but we take what we get...

Gosh, my new Nascar flag arrived yesterday, and it's just too darn wet to hang it out front. I know, weird, but I'm a Nascar Grannie, thought it was the most boring thing I'd ever watched until my sons took me to a race; what an experience, like nothing I'd ever seen before. My tightly permed proper older sister in law also went, and we were both hooked! There were some "rednecks" sitting behind us drinking beer and partying, we had fun with them! Life is strange...

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

We haven't had any winter at all. Since January we've had many days that reach 80 in the afternoon. The sun is noticeably stronger.

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bev2009(6 IN)

Mid sixties here and will be all next week. I borrowed the neighbors grass trimmer. It is amazing. Instead of string or plastic bits, it has a saw type blade. My son whacked everything I pointed out and then some (no one will notice the little chip in the cement angel, will they? LOL) This saved me HOURS of work and bending. Next week I can rake it all up. If I had waited, the new plants would have been up too tall and I would have had to cut them off by hand. The recycling center has mulch left, so next week he'll start bringing that home. I've never had my garden done this early...ever. I hope me don't have a hard freeze so my Star Magnolia will bloom white blossoms, instead of brown. I planted it last fall and can't wait for its first season. is full of surprises, or should be. Makes you wonder what you will get up to next, doesn't it?

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It's 64 here and still sunny and pleasant at 5pm. Had a notion to cut back the butterfly bushes and the Bush Clover this afternoon but got lazy and just sat and enjoyed the sun on my face. I see so much work ahead of me. ugh. But I'm ready.

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warm again today. I've just heard a songbird just outside of my office window. Lovely!

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Boy I am really starting to think I may have to uncover the beds this weekend. This week the temps are supposed to be in the mid 70's reaching the low to mid 80's by Friday! Wisconsin in March!! This coming weekend is the boys basketball tournaments in Madison and we almost always have a winter snow storm that weekend. Well not this year I guess.

I looked at the daylily bed this past weekend and they are coming up through the leaves. :-(

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I was out transplanting bulbs from my old house to the new yesterday. We just put the old house up for sale this weekend, so I went over and took shovels-full of anything that was peeking out. I was also able to get up all the piles left by the dogs. Fortunately, we had many days with no snow this winter, so I was able to stay ahead of that job more than most years. Now I've got sticks to pick up that have been blown down by the wind. I have about 20 tall, old oaks that have dying branches up too high to reach. So, they shed twigs like a dog sheds fur. Too bad I'm not allowed to burn. We could have a nice bonfire some cool evening. I'd love to start a lasagna bed out front by the road, but I only have oak leaves for mulch. The road is busy and cars go by pretty fast, so I'm afraid the leaves will blow off the bed. Maybe I could get out the lawn mower and shred them before I put them down.

Thanks for letting me ramble. I hope everyone continues to enjoy the great weather while it lasts. We're supposed to have a 40% chance of rain today, which we need, so I might have to get some office work done. Doesn't sound nearly as fun.


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Yep - I am in WI too, close to Minneapolis. It was 73 here yesterday. I did spend a little time cleaning beds, and am going to do more today. In my raised beds the soil is still frozen about 4 inches down, but I bet by the end of the week it will be ready for amendments.

With a new septic system last year - my yard is a mess. Plus street construction happening this summer means I have 10 shrubs and a big patch of daylillies and iris to move (or lose). The amount of work is daunting, but if this weather keeps up for a while, I'll be able to get it done before summer kicks in.

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Here in southwest Michigan it was 80 yesterday and predicted to be mid-70's today and the next several days. My daffodils on the south side of the house are open already; I love this weather but am also concerned the spring-flowering bulbs will have short cycles because of the unusually-warm temperatures. I can recall a few very cold and snowy St. Patrick's Days in past years.

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62 here right now, but had lightning and thunder early this morning around 4:30am. then it rained some. I'm going back out to the garden and putter around, mostly try to sweep up dead leaves and sticks. I thought it wasn't suppose to rain until this afternoon so the job will be a bit more difficult with everything being wet.

mandolls, that sounds like alot of work. Hope you have someone to help you.

docmom, I used to dread that daily pickup after the dogs esp. when the snow melted and here lay all these surprises you missed. No dogs right now after my last - a 17yr.old -passed away in November.

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Hi mandolls! Winter is usually a little longer up where you are than down here. I lived in Eau Claire for 20 years and gardened there. Now we are in southwestern Wisconsin and find that it is almost a full zone warmer. Love that I can now grow things that I was unable to in EC. Sounds like you have a very busy gardening spring/summer ahead.

docmom, we had dogs for years and that is one thing I must say that I do not miss now, but do miss the dogs. They were so much company.

gardeningmusician, yes some springs are so cold. Last year my roses were a full 2 weeks late blooming.

schoolhouse, we could use some of that rain. Currently we are under a burning ban as it is actually quite dry. Everything would really green up fast if we got some rain.

Have a great weekend gardening everyone! Hard to believe I am saying that in March! (I didn't put the leaves around my roses until the first week of January!)

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Well, right or wrong...good or bad, the leaves are gone from the gardens. We spent all day Saturday and Sunday raking out the leaves. One trailer load to the compost site and 16 more 55-gallon bags waiting to go next week. I couldn't believe how far up some of the plants are already. The roses are leafing out and even the clematis too.

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After I finish my "work week", I'm going on a cleaning frenzy! Crocus, Daffs, Hyacinth, and cute unidentified blue flowers are out. The garden looks so inviting right now. And I know that everything else is not far behind. The draw back to the mild winter is that I now have grass in all of my flower beds. Grrr. Kinda feels like I'm starting all over again.
Happy spring!

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