HAVE: Blood Root

Chicory31(z5CT)June 7, 2004

I have about 9 Blood Root plants to trade. They are in pots right now some have 2 leaves and are nice size. They were left overs from my 4H club's plant sale. I may have some other natives also, phlox(few), alostroemeria(1), species kniphofia (maybe) hexastylis shuttleworthii(maybe) I can check on other things too. Please email me. Give me a day to reply as I also work full time at a nursery and only email in mornings.

Trade for other natives(to New England or some Prarie plants)

Thank you


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Can I interest you in some passiflora incarnata (maypops)?

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I have maple leaf viburnum and false solomon seal that I could trade for hexastylis shuttleworthii or possibly the alostroemeria.

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I live also in ne ct zone 5. I have various native stuff. Not sure what is weedy and wildflowers. I know i have native daisies type things that big y sells. I have wild strawberry plants. ferns.

so if you want to stop by feel free and take your pick

and heh if you can identify anything i'd be most appreciative:)

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Do you have any bloodroot plants left? I have butterfly weed and milkweed.

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cordalie(z5 CT)

I would like to start a "woodland" shad garden in the area in front of my house. I would label the plants. I live on a street with very little car traffic and a lot of foot traffic. I think it could be very educational. I have only hosta to offer.

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i only have chested irises to offer up as a trade let me at levisfun19282@yahoo.com if you are interested in them i like blood root if u have any left

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Do you still have any blood root left? I have lots of differant prairie plants that I could send you some seeds? I have beautiful royal blue delphiniums(wild) for one. Culvers root, It's hard to think of them all. What kind of soil does blood root prefer?? Thanks for your timeSKDV

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I am out of blood root until next spring.

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