climbing spinach

enchantedplaceAugust 6, 2004

Found seed for climbing AKA Malibar spinach at a farm store this spring. It is an beautiful annual vine with edible leaves similar to spinach. The vines have covered a section of fence. It is also suppose to be a flowering vine but no blooms yet. The leaves are mild in flavor and can be used as a spinach substitute. Some research states it is being included in commercial salad mixes. EP

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Here is a photo of climbing spinach as background for herbs and cover for an unsightly foundation and fence area.

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greenhummer(zone 5,Ohio)

The young leaves are great for a spinach salad. They look great on the fence!

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reinbeaux(z8 WA State)

The red variety ('rubra') is a WONDERFUL burgundy color, fast grower, and very attractive (as well as edible)

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'Tis true, it's edible. But I would have to be VERY hungry before I eat it. I didn't like it raw, and it was pretty bad cooked, too. And I like EVERYTHING. As far as flowering goes, it has probably flowered and you didn't know it. The "flowers" never really open up. They're just tiny white ball shapes with a tinge of pink on the tips. It really is a lovely plant, though. And easy to grow. It keeps coming up in the gravel around my raised beds.

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oldherb(z8 Oregon)

You discovered one of my favorite edibles! I think everyone should grow it...unfortunately the slugs and sow bugs have found it this year and are eating mine down to the nubbins...oh, well, there's always next year.

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There are certain types of arthritis or gout where the sufferers should not eat this plant I believe.

It has a kind of funny taste too, but grows in the heat unlike real spinach. And it is pretty.

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I grew some of it this year, and couldn't hardly stomach it either, and I'll just about eat anything, too. Mine had a really slimy texture when chewed. I was surprised at how it just kept growing through the whole summer, though.

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Donna: I didn't know how to eat it until we travelled to China where they stir fried it with garlic. Since then, we eat it every day, it's good to treat constipation though.

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We have the climbing spinach growing in our garden and it is prolific. A great salad vegetable as well as a substitute for spinach. It goes well with cheese in a spinach and cheese tart as well as quiche. We love it. And it is so easy to grow.

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I grew a green variety and found the larger leaves to be mucilaginous. I would chop them and use them in soups or stews. For salads or raw use I'd only grab the growing tips and smaller leaves. As part of a mix for salad I found it was fine but certainly not the tastiest plant I've ever had.

It's ornamental use is great and I think it's a wonderful plant to use on a trellis or fence. I'm not sure if different varieties taste differently but in sparing use it was good.

My favorite was harvesting pumpkins and making a coconut curried soup and pureeing the pumpkin in. I'd add some small leaves of the malabar into the soup for texture contrast and everyone loved it.

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I find if you just pour boiling water over the leaves for a short while, this is a better way than steaming or cooking. Then just add butter and pepper/salt - lovely!! Friends here when they see my plant do not believe me when I tell them its a climbing spinach.

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