Snowberry - Symphoricarpos albus - Edible or Not?

divaqs(z7 Seattle)August 9, 2005

I'm finding mixed information on whether snowberries are edible or not. Some online sites say they are toxic, while others say that Indians used to eat them, animals and cattle graze on them, and one site said that you can eat them but they taste awful. One website said that they can induce vomiting... though from what I read, I wonder if that is due to the taste... lol

The reason I am wondering is due to there being a lot of them (40+ bushes) growing natively in my backyard.

At first I thought they were huckleberry bushes, due to somewhat similar appearances of the bushes, but huckleberries aren't white. :)

Does anyone have any experience with these shrubs?

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...and huckleberries grow at considerable elevation.

I've had a couple of snowberries in my mouth during hikes. Mealy and bland. Most books don't mention edibility or state that birds use them for survival.

Try a few with bacon grease and see if there are any ill effects.

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