resin, pitch and pine tar ...

ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5June 16, 2012

in regards to a pine..

on that post about taylors sunburst disease.. i was going to say that that was a glob of resin.. but you all called it pitch.. actually.. its is the pdf link in that post which uses the term.. and it is linked below ...

so it got me to thinking.. whats the difference..

and then i remember my younger days.. when we were so cool.. to put pine tar on our bats ..

soooo .. what the difference??? .. if any


Here is a link that might be useful: pdf link

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Resin - the hydrocarbons as they come out of the pine, fresh and unchanged.

Pitch - boil down the resin to remove the more volatile components, to make a solid.

Pine tar - bake it even harder so it starts to carbonise.


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