eggplant turning to fruit

krissylovesplants79August 6, 2013

Hi, I planted sicilian eggplant and the two that fi ally seem to be fruit have not grown much in almist a week and the flowers arou d it and on the end seem dry and stiff, is that okay? I kniw its hard to tell I tne picture, but I hope somebody reads this.

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It's possible that they didn't get pollinated.Sometimes the first ones don't.Also what I do sometimes is take a small artist type paintbrush or Q-tip and spread the pollen from flower to flower. Brady

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Thanks brandy I tried that but the flowers dont seem to contain pollin. However I do have two eggplant butbthe havnt grown much.

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HI, Krissy,
Are you feeding you eggplants? They are WATER HOGGING, HUNGRY HIPPOS!

Try sprinkling 1/2 oz. per plant (square foot) of balanced fertilizer around the soil, about 4" away from the roots. Balanced simply means that all three numbers are the same, or pretty close. Try to find some 13-13-13 or 14-14-14. 10-10-10 will do in a pinch, but the 13 or 14 is what they seem to like best. Feed them once a week, and keep them evenly watered.

Water the fertilizer in well, and wait, patiently.

What're your average daytime temps now? Eggplants love the heat and the sunshine.

Check your seed packet for the optimum size recommended for picking them. Once they start producing fruits (and, if it's still warm enough for them, they will), you should pick them while they are still shiny. Dull eggplants = bitter eggplants.

I have a great recipe for Asian Style Spicy Eggplants!


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