Growing microgreen arugula big?

IsleWalkerAugust 3, 2011

I didn't understand when I bought the 6000 microgreen arugula seeds --what microgreens were! Can I let them grow bigger, to a baby arugula size, or will they just be all leggy?

I assume they can't reseed themselves either?

I feel so silly, but I really wanted them to self-seed. I like arugula strong and so don't really care about that part. But I don't want to have to seed every week or so.

Please educate me.

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We bought Arugula sprout seeds and planted them in our garden. They have grown just like any other arugula we have grown. We tend to just pick the larger outer leaves and let them grow. They are still producing in out 110 degree heat. No sign of bolting yet. I say plant, and see what happens.

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