HAVE: Hardy Bog plants/Pond Marginals (17 types)

njbiologyJuly 10, 2007

I have a large amount of:

*Water celery

*Creeping jenny

*Water clover

*Water plantain

*Creeping jenny

*Blueflag Iris

*Siberian Iris (white/yellow)

*Yellowflag Iris

*White Monkeyflower

*Arrowhead (native)

*Arrowhead japonica (Japanase)

*Cardinal flower

*Water sedges

*Arrow arum


*bog Ferns


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I would be very interested in these plants, unfortunately, I have very little to offer in exchange. I plan to collect seeds of

Echinacea Purpurea
Aclepias incarnata

as soon as they are ripe. I'm hesitant to offer, because I'm not sure how to package them, or how to guarantee their quality (I've never traded before).

If all that doesn't sound too ridiculous :-), perhaps you could email me?

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