keeping mango tree small and other help greatly needed :)

beachlover1August 29, 2013

is it possible to keep a mango tree small ( don't know the variety)? A family member wants to give me one that is small at the moment but I'm not sure I want it. I really don't want anything that creates shade and leafy messes. I already have a meyer lemon and a coconut palm and can't seem to get them to grow as it is so I'm sure I want to deal with it anyway (any help with that would be great too!). I'm not the best with upkeep although I would like to work on that but really I'm trying to keep my backyard simple. I think under watering in the winter may be my problem for the coconut and lemon trees. I've seen how giant mango trees can get and would really hate that in my own yard especially because my yard is more long than deep if that makes sense. Even if I liked huge trees in typical yard spaces, I don't think that there is enough room to accommodate how big mango trees can get from my fence to my house. My back neighbor has one already really close to our fence and I'm already worried about that as it is (it's small right now). Do my neighbors know something I don't? I can't seem to find much info on how to keep a large mango tree from getting large. Is this because it isn't possible? lol. She also wants to give us an anon tree which my husband really wants and it seems to be more manageable. Any insite on Anon? Thanks everyone! Sorry for the long post!

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zackey(GA 8b)

The only one I ever saw was in Fellsmere. Fl. It was next to a Bait and Tackle store. I'm sure they never watered or fertilized it and it grew just fine. It looked like a pretty compact tree. Zone 9b. The fruits didn't last long on the tree. The Mexicans came and picked them.

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