Catching up on spring blooms part 2

houstmagApril 14, 2013

Hurray !! this bunch catches me up for now, enjoy.

Patricia Snyder Memorial

Optical Art

Jurassic Fiesta

Carolyn Mann

Odd Man Out

Little Jazzman

Larkspur Blues

Single bloom of Odd Man Out

Christine Dixon

Butterfly Ripples

That's it finally caught up.

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Oooh. Now your talking. I love Patricia snider Memorial. Butterfly Ripples is gorgeous. Jurriastic Fiesta is hot! A bevy of beauties.

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Oh My! These are stunning!!! Just when I thought I'd found a favorite another one caught my eye. I love all these dramatic eyezones and what a wonderful array of color. I pick 'Odd Man Out' as my absolute favorite (where did you find that one? I have never seen it.). The color is outstanding and I love the form. Next favorite is 'Jurassic Fiesta' (Those oranges really brighten up this cloudy, cold day) and my next is 'Patricia Snyder Memorial'. I also love the cute 'Larkspur Blues'. These is an especially pretty batch. Loved it.


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Wow, some real knockout colors in this bunch, but they all have something to recommend them. Patricia Snyder Memorial is always fetching, lots of color with Jurassic Fiesta, and Odd Man Out just jumps out at me. Pretty pattern on Butterfly Ripples, too. Great group!! Avedon

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Larkspur Blues, just stunning. They all are beautiful, makes me anxious to see my first blooms from a daylilly not named Stella. Please keep the pictures coming. Gale

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Thanks everyone. I did make a mistake on one of my photos. It is really Carolyn Hunt not Carolyn Mann.

Celeste, Odd Man Out was hybridized by some friends of mine CJ and Virginia Gregory we are all members of our local daylily club. Their garden is called Dragonwood and I believe they do have a website. Odd Man Out is their first introduction and is a outstanding grower for everyone that has it in there gardens. They also introduced another DL this year that is called Dragonwood Spellbound and it seems to grow just as well as Odd Man Out.

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shive(6b TN)

Patricia Snider Memorial and Larkspur Blues are looking good, and Odd Man Out is very eyecatching with those bright colors!


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Maryl zone 7a

Patricia Snyder Memorial is a real beauty, but for a real kicker there's the orange of Odd Man Out. All are very pretty and a welcome sight this time of the year.....Maryl

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Julia NY(6)

I like them all. :-).


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Waitforspring(6 MA)

What a fabulous group! Patricia Snyder Memorial always seems to look good and I love those hot colors of Odd Man Out.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Oh I must have missed these. And I am glad I saw them now, so pretty!

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Such a fabulous bunch of flowers. So many that I wold
like to add to mu collection but absolutely no space left.

Keep posting yours.

Kay (phaltyme)

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