HAVE: various woodland natives

spiderwoman(z6so.cent.PA)July 10, 2005

I have a fair sized stand of goldenseal in my woods that I'd like to save from destruction. I will be giving up the place and I'm fairly certain that the woodland area will be cleared. The glitch is that I am not able to dig and ship so takers will have to come and dig their own plants. There are other plants out there too including wild ginger and geraniums. Perhaps a few other desireables as well. Email me if you would care to undertake this. I would be happy to have plants or seeds in trade.


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Darn, wish I were close to you!

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What part of PA are you in? I am by Penn State. Shari

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WAY south, sorry. I am 2 miles north of the PA/MD line (aka: the Mason-Dixon Line). Next town over is Gettysburg. Maybe a history field trip?? combined with plant collecting?
spiderwoman (martha)
If you wish to look me up email me and I'll send along my farm address and you can get a Mapquest look at where I am.

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I have a girlfriend that just moved to Aspers (sp?) I will mention your offer to her and see if she is interested. Thanks Shari

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Aspers is correct spelling. I just hired a young man who lives there as my farm helper. It is about 20 miles from me. Maybe your friend can dig for both of you? I went out there last week and the plants are ripe with beautiful red seeds right now (probably gone by now as there is lots of wildlife out theretoo)and there is plenty for several people. Carol23 is planning to dig plants in the fall for Chanticleer Gardens.

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kizzyseeds(Z7b VA)

Hi Spiderwoman,
I think I've conversed with you on the b'fly forum. Anyway, I'm looking for Goldenseal for the migrating Monarchs. I'm in VA so making a trip there is out of the question. But, I was wondering if you have any seeds from the Goldenseal??? plmk

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Kizzyseeds, I'm sorry but I don't harvest the seeds of the woodland plants.
I don't think that you will find that the Monarchs use goldenseal anyway. They blossom in spring and even the seeds are gone by the time Monarchs begin to show up around here. My place is just buzzing with them today. Lovely sight!
I don't mean to discourage you from planting goldenseal but it does need pretty specific conditions to thrive. It needs a rich dry woods to grow. It doesn't even survive here if I move it down to the gardens.

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