WANTED: japanese maple /for lilac shrubs

hollie_1973(4b)February 21, 2013

I am currently propagating many many lilac shrubs the purple highly fragrant ones I have been desperately trying to get jap maple seeds that are not dead i thought this would be my best bet I have spent way too much money already LOL please mess me if interested thanks

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I am intrigued by your attempt to grow Japanese maple in Zone 4b. You sound quite desperate to try them.
I can send you some seeds, but I don't need the lilac. The seeds I have now are a few years old. If you want fresh ones, message me next fall to remind me to collect some for you.

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I would love to give it a try if you do have some i would LOVE them!!thanks so much let me know if you are looking for anything special and i will do my best!!
Hollie Crawford
412#3 Murray Street
Canada K8A 4P7

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Although the seeds I am sending you are labelled (Acer palmatum 'Osakazuki', 'Red Pygmy', 'Oregon Sunset' and 'Viridis'), I presume you know that plants from these seeds will most likely be just the common Japanese maples. The named cultivars can only be produced from grafting or airlayer.
As I stated above, these are old seeds, and will need some stratification, and the yield will likely be low.
Good luck.

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Thank you sooooooooooo much you made my month!!!I was never so happy in all my life I have the seeds stratifying as I type!!!And i tested them in hot water and VOILA!!!!They are AL VIABLE So now it is just wait and cross my fingers please send me your address so I can properly thank you for this generous RAK It is people like you who keep me on the seed swappin g sites I can not thank you enough and have a great day!!!make sure you send mye your address K love holli crawford your new best friend LOL

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I am just glad that these seeds make you so happy. No need to thank me.
Even if any of these seeds sprout, your challenge is ahead of you. The survival of Japanese maple in Zone 4 is still a subject of debate. For your info, I planted 3 at my cottage in Zone 4 area more than 10 years ago; one was eaten by deer, and the other two still survive, but they are more stunted than winter kill back, and remain small.
The most difficult part is probably keeping them alive through the first winter. You may want to keep them in pots in a coldframe for that. Please keep me posted on your success or failure. If you are still interested in fresh seeds, message me this fall.

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