eggplant flowers

krissylovesplants79August 2, 2013

How long does it take for sician eggplant flowers to start turning into fruit. I have has a lot of lovely flowers on my eggplant, since about a week and a half ago, during long islands heat wave, one looks like its producing a small white fruit but its hard to tell. I dont want to know how long the whole process takes, cause i noticed others asked the same question and people just told them how long it takes, and I dont need to know how long it takes to be picked. I would simply like to know how long it takes to go from flower to tiny fruits. I have been doing greay with my baby amathyst eggplant, but I planted these later, and I really love that larger variety. I just want to make sure it could still turn to fruit. I know the heat anf humidity cause problems with polination.

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I'm sure by now you have eggplants :) I had something similar happen this year; lots of flowers but no fruit for a while. It may be that it took a little while for pollinators to notice the flowers. In my experience, it just takes a few days to go from pollinated flower to tiny eggplant.

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You can pollinate the eggplant flowers by using a small paintbrush and going from flower to flower spreading the pollen. It's a great way to hand pollinate your veggies when the bees are busy elsewhere.

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