WANTED: Tennessee Purple Coneflowers

rreiaJuly 22, 2008

I would love to help get this native plant off the endangered species list, but I don't have much to trade and it's not legal to buy or sell these plants. Help?

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I am also in tennessee. I found the seeds at praire moon. The bad thing is that one picture shows Echinacea tennesseensis and the other shows a picture of Echinacea purpurea which are 2 totally different flowers. I hope that helps you as I so love the true tennessee coneflower.

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It is legal to buy and grow these coneflowers as long as the seller has a permit to sell. Most people who sell them do not have a permit or just don't care. It is also legal to give seed and plants away, no permit required to do that. I have been growing them for 6 to 8 years now and offer free seed on the Seed Exchange forum every Fall. They are very easy to grow and love hot dry conditions.

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Mary's Greenhouse in McMinnville advertises them but were out the weekend of the 30th. They may get more in.

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Purple Cone Flower:

I have several stands of Purple Cone Flower in my yard which I have propagated from seeds. I will be happy to send you some cuttings/Flowers. It spreads like crazy, but the blooms are long lasting and great for the bees, butterflies and birds.

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does anyone have any of these seeds available? so beautiful!!

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Hi lenahall. I have left the seed heads out for the birds to nosh on over winter. If you like, I'd be happy to snip off a couple seed heads and send them to you for free. I don't think the birds will miss one or two. I have germinated my plants from seed. Once they take hold, they will want to take over the place. They are really pretty.

First let's make sure I have the plant you are looking for. Here is a link to what I have: http://www.growsonyou.com/photo/slideshow/280970-echinacea-or-purple-coneflower/member/bathgate

If this is what you are looking for, great! I'll send you some seed heads,

Also, I live in New York and so does my plants. Would this be an issue for them growing well in your region? I'm not sure.

Here is a link that might be useful: Echinacea or Purple Coneflower

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