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crashboxsus(6 Pgh/PA)August 16, 2007

I received a dozen or so small trees last year that were supposed to be serviceberries. Don't know cultivar or even which species to be honest. And now I'm beginning to have my doubts that they are serviceberries at all. Most of the info I've found online is for Juneberries, which says they're easily identified because they have that "crown" like blueberries. Does anyone know if all Amelanchier species are that way? Alternatively, is there an online or print resource that will help me figure out which kind I have if they are what they're supposed to be?

Thanks all

Susan M.

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mauch1(z6b PA)

>identified because they have that "crown" like blueberries

I think they mean that the fruit has a crown at it blossom end, similar to blueberries. I don't think it's refering to the plant. In the East, Service berries are vulnerable to Cedar Rust (Weather it's Cedar Apple Rust (CAR), or Cedar Quince Rust, I don't know). They are actually related to Pome fruit (Apples/Pears) and have an almond taste.

I think even biologists have trouble differentiating the species of Juneberries/Serviceberries (which are the same thing - unless you were looking to have Sorbus (which also known as Serviceberries or Rowan).

From the Wikipedia entry, the nursery trade is using the various species names interchangeably and don't always know what they're offering.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wikipedia Serviceberry entry

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