HAVE: seeds of Red Tassel Flower

four(9B (near 9a))August 27, 2012

Bloom all year in Central Florida 9b (new plants grow after freezes).

Zebra Longwing butterflies favor them.

Good for distribution among existing things; need very little space.

I hope to trade for more kinds of frequently-blooming nectar that butterflies DO also drink

(those that "attract butterflies" are a mean tease).

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Hi I'd like some of the red tassel flower and some of your white veined pipe vine if you have any left ...please check my list and see if there's anything you'd be interested in...if not i'm more than willing to send postage...thanks, Dianne

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I'd like to trade for some f your Red Tassel Flower as well as your Crotalaria spectabilis - Showy Crotalaria
I am a butterfly gardener & have been collecting a lot of natives as well as host plants! Check out my list & let me know if you are interested!

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four(9B (near 9a))

Database in site florida.plantatlas.usf.edu
categorizes two Emilia species names in field "Accepted name" :
- Emilia sonchifolia
- Emilia fosbergii

The respective common names contained in db are :
- Lilac Tasselflower
- Florida Tasselflower

Note that it categorizes both species as "Not native".
(Therefore "Florida" common name should be repudiated vigorously.)

Db categorizes all of its other Emilia species names as synonyms of E. sonchifolia.

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