Kiowa Blackberries

Joeray(Z9 LA)August 4, 2004

I just read an article on the Christian Science Monitor website which really praised Kiowa Blackberries. Has anyone had experience with this variety. I've never grown blackberries but may try if this variety is all it's cracked up to be.

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Planted some this spring, based on the recommendations of a fellow fruit enthusiast. They made a few big berries this year. Here's my friend's recommendation, from the NAFEX discussion list, back in '99:

"At Southern Fruit Fellowship Meeting in Jan 1999 in Savannah (as part of GA Fruit and Veg Growers Meeting) a bramble session had discussion on blackberries. John Clark of U. of Ark spoke of several new releases from their program. Kiowa was released last year(1998) and has 10-12 g berries, which are twice the size of Triple Crown, Choctaw, Navaho, Chester, etc. I put in 10 Kiowa this spring and was impressed with the vigor of growth and berry size. Now have canes 8-12 feet in length with no irrigation beyond mid-June. UA also released two new ones this year, Apache (8-10 g, thornless) and Chickasaw (10 g, thorny). Apache is more vigorous in trials as compared to Arapaho and Navaho. Gerard Krewer, with U. of Georgia extension, also has a U-Pick bramble place in south Georgia. He is impressed with Kiowa at 10-12 g, and so are his customers, as one can pick a gallon "in a few minutes" according to Krewer. Clark calls these a "two-bite berry".

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Just received some Kiowa Berry jam from a company on the coast. I will be selling it in my retail store in Aurora, Pacific Hazelnut Farm Candy Factory. Can someone tell me about the berry and similar flavor to other Oregon berries?
This information will help with tourist and local questions.

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