sowing Nasturtiums

shmooey(7B Seattle)August 18, 2008

I just put a couple packages of nasturtiums in my vegetable gardens this morning, and a few in a container sitting on a back porch. I've never grown them before, but was under the impression that they grew quickly. Was it pointless to start them now, mid august? And are there any tips to taking great care of them?

oh yeah and in the ground they are in beds receiving full sun, but will have slight shade from tomatoes and peppers.


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nantinki(zone 5/6 NM)

I keep lots of nasturtiums in my vegetable gardens. I hear that they will keep rabbits away too. They will creep up and flower through any other plants too.
Do you need seeds. I have plenty.

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Were they climbing or bush nasturtiums? You'll want to give the climbing type something to scramble up. Although you may get something out of them this year (they can and do grow quickly), I think it's better to winter sow them for springtime. A little bit of all-purpose veggie fertilizer will keep them going strong into summertime...mine even are reblooming now that it's cooling off! Great bright flowers, and tasty in salads...what a neat plant this is.

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greenpassion(z4-z5 VT)

why do my nasturyiums have yellow leaves? I grow them in containers, full sun, no food and although they have tons of flowers, the plants look anemic.???

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