wanted: need id please, 12 foot plant

MarieOHIOAugust 12, 2011

This plant was on the side of the house when I moved in this spring. It started as just HUGE leaves on the ground and then grew, and grew, and grew. No One seems to know what it is. Is is tall, almost 12 feet, and still keeps growing. I live in Northern Ohio and whatever this plant is, it seems to thrive and came back from last year with no problem. I would love to know what this very strange plant is. You would not believe the comments from my friends about it :-)

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tobacco plant? A weed.

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ksseedling(KANSAS ZONE 5)

That mystery plant is Mullein!

Grows all over the rolling hills, they make are real neat ground cover the first year, soft leaves covering the ground. Flowers smell sweet and delicate. I would suggest cutting the seed head off when it starts to brown out and die, transfer to a location where you would not mind lots of these growing and they will self seed where you place or plant seed.

It is a wonderful lung herb and also works well in a pinch as an emergency toilet paper! .... so I've been told.......

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My neighbours were NOT happy with me and my mullein plants. Brought them from Eastern Washington, not aware it grew in W. Wa as well. I had 15 ft+ tall plants, and they spread EVERYWHERE. He goes to cut them down in his driveway---with a hatchet! He sees the thick stem and figures it's woody and will require it. I just pulled them up for him. He looked at me in amazement until he saw the very shallow root system...LOL

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