Transplanting wild asparagus

limhyl(z8 NC)September 4, 2004

Anyone ever tried this? I just got the book 'Stalking the wild asparagus'by Euell Gibbons and since then I have noticed wild asparagus growing everywhere. Wondered how soon it would produce stalks for me if I dug it up this fall. Thanks, Theresa.

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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

I haven't read Gibbons for years, but as I remember, the term "wild asparagus" referred to the various wild plants that taste like or look like stalks of asparagus such as cat tail. Which plant did you mean, as you will need to provide the growing conditions the plant needs as well as how to transplant.

Garden Asparagus is not common in the wild as it is not a native plant and is usually found only in old farmsteads. You may be looking at horse tail, most of which are not edible. Besides Gibbons' book, you need a good field guide before eating wild plants.

And remember, it is illegal and considered theft to dig plants from land you do not own.

Here is a link that might be useful: Horse Tail Pictures

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limhyl(z8 NC)

Actually the plant he is talking about is the garden escapee, the asparagus that all of us buy at the store. I guess it is pretty common in certain parts of the U.S. Birds spread the seeds apparently. Unfortunatly, the plant that I was thinking was wild asparagus is actually dog fennel,eupatorium capillofolium. A native but very invasive weed. I knew it was too good to be true.

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I know that asparagus grows every where in Idaho on ditchbanks because the farmers planted it there to prevent hes VERY DEEP EXTENSIVE roots. I only ever had luck transplanting it once, I dug it up just before the ground froze solid and kept it in the root cellar all winter... when I planted it as soon as the soil could be worked I got about three spindly stalks that spring and plenty the next year. The general rule is never harvest from asparagus the first two years from seed or the first year whem growing from crowns or transplants.

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limhyl(z8 NC)

Well, the plant that I thought was wild aparagus is actually dog fennel. Bummer. But I will keep my eyes open just in case. Theresa.

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"Wild Asparagus" came up where I mulched around some shrubs with city mulch. I think the seeds may have been in the mulch when I got it. I harvested a few barely pencil sized spears the following year, enough to try it, then let it go to seed. I did dig up one clump and it was more challenging than I expected. I'd try growing it from seed.

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

I have collected the green pea pod shaped seed pods. Then, I allow them to dry a little as they trun red in color. After that, they can easily be popped open to remove the few black seeds inside. These get another week of drying time and are now on their way to two people who have requested this years seeds. Mine were from a couple of Mary Washington asparagus and these do get to a decent diameter. I wouldn't want to havest them if they are smaller than a pencil in diameter as its too soon, unless you want to verify that they are in fact asparagus. Mine grow to ferns all summer and only a couple out of the 40+ plants that I have been growing for about 8 years now are actually female and the only ones that produce the seeds. I also had a couple of purple types, but they don't grow well here. Some of my original ones are Jersey Knights and are nice and fat around. The crowns are well over a foot in diameter on a few of my plants.

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daylady(3b mb ca)

my brother planted asparagus years ago from seed. Yes birds do spread the seed. So I find asparagus plants all over the yard, dig them up and plant them in the garden. a good trick is to dig a large area around and deep too. I have had a very good success rate transplanting them. Also found some plants in the ditch that have asparagus each year This year I transplanted these plants from the ditch and will see next spring how they are doing.

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I am hoping to move my asparagus plants to a new home, all in one bed. Any suggestions other than digging a big hole. The ground is not frozen here yet so could I do it now?

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

If the asparagus had been well established for several years in its original location, unfortuneately, you may expect a fairly high loss rate after transplanting. Most of the time after 3 years, the plants can have roots going down in the soil several feet and will also have very large crowns. Attempting to dig these up without damage is a danting task. Best of luck..

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if a spear has part of the white like root at the base, somewhat woody otherwise, can it be rooted and planted? how would i do this?

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Just plant it. Not sure how big or old that root base is, but if the roots have not been damaged or cut, and are about 10-12 inches long, the plant may survive and continue to grow. Because your has only a partial root, you may not have any success, but its worth a try.
My asparagus had all been just sitting there until the day before yesterday when I watered them. Last night, I cut down enough spears for a meal for two. MIne are just starting to send up spears, but the recent watering and 85 degree temp yesterday, it gave them a big shot in growth.

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thnks, i thought it might work. it got pretty cold yesterday after our rain, so just a handful to pick today.

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I had been looking for wild asparagus ever since I read Gibbons' book -- and finally happened on some on the road the other day -- but it was already at the Xmas tree stage and it was too late to pick any. But what I am wondering is if it might be possible to spread and grow wild asparagus in my garden or in other likely places. Or can I pick the seeds off my my garden-grown asparagus and disperse them: these are male asparagus plants, so perhaps they are not viable. Any thoughts on a way to grow more wild asparagus? And where is the best place to find more wild asparagus already growing?: I think they like sun and tend to be found around the edges of farmed land.

Sorry for all the questions, but y'all may know.

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how soon can we dig asparagus from the side of the road.?

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how soon can we dig asparagus from the side of the road.?

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