Nurseries that Sell Edible Landscaping Plants

marbles_n_the_garden(DownEast Maine, Zone 5)September 17, 2008


I am trying to compile a list of nurseries selling edibles. I know of a few, and will list them here, but I would like more options. I tend to like rare/obscure plants especially. If anyone knows of a place selling Rubus chamaemorus (cloudberry, bakeapple), I would be SOOOO grateful. Also, if anyone knows where to buy seeds of edibles, I'd love to know that too! Thanks! ~Robin


DNA Gardens

St. Lawrence Nurseries


Oikos Tree Crops

Pine Ridge Gardens

Seed Houses:

Gardens North

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marbles_n_the_garden(DownEast Maine, Zone 5)

I have gathered a few more:
Nourse Farms
Indiana Berry & Plant Co.
One Green World
Burnt Ridge Nursery

A List from Penn State

OK, I am still looking for places that carry the real odd-balls especially.

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Visit Miller Mackenzie, link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miller Mackenzie

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Raintree Nursery, which is in southwest Washington state has some excellent plants that grow in all sorts of zones. I have ordered tons of stuff and plants are great quality - have ordered by mail and visited in person

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Glad to see a good review of Raintree, I've ordered some things for spring delivery.
Add StarkBros Nursery to the list. I've used them for 14yr. Aarons in Georgia, has some good prices but alas only offers fall deliveries...

Here is a link that might be useful: StarkBros Nursery

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Check out

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I just received some saffron crocus bulbs (Sativus), safron shallot seeds and two wonderful looking Kiwi plants from Hirts. I had it in two days.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hirts

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I want to add my second to rolf's recommendation. Edible Landscaping is awesome!
We went up to the mountains to Afton yesterday for their persimmon festival and sampled different cultivars of wonderful fruit right off the trees during the orchard tour.

This fall has been mild so the hardy oriental persimmons (grafted onto American persimmon rootstock) still had their beautiful magnolia-like leaves. When the leaves fall the shiny orange fruit hangs in the bare branches. It's an amazing sight! I've had people come up and knock on the door to ask about my tree.

There was persimmon cake and persimmon pudding and persimmon ice cream. In the end I didn't buy the Sheng I had planned on though. I was just bowled over by Dr. Levin's hardy pomegranate. It's already planted in the place I had ready for a third persimmon.

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