Pomegranates in northeast Florida

bstruss(9)September 16, 2011

Because my area in northeast Florida is becoming more drought prone every year, I am considering cultivating more pomegranates on my large property. In my blog below, I have a picture of a Russian variety from about one year ago. I have since planted it in the ground and it has grown to about 5'. It did have a lot of flowers, but none set fruit. Anyhow, I was wanting to know how important or helpful it is to have a companion plant(s) of a different cultivar to help in fruit set.

Here is a link that might be useful: Growing pomegranates in northeast Florida

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I am not expert but some questions, how old is the plant? does it has lot of growth comming from near the ground (suckers as they are called). too much fertilizer and lack of water may have resulted into loss of fruit.

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