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marklee(z8 WA)September 22, 2004

I found a tree of these asian pears in my neighborhood. They all had the same asymmetrical shape (lop-sided) and the same swollen stems. Is this a common variety with a disease, or are there asian pear varieties that don't come out nice and round? The one in the photo was on the ground and slightly bruised. The flavor was sweet and interesting, a mix of grape and caramel.

-Mark Lee, Seattle, z8a

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marklee(z8 WA)

Here is another picture I took of the mystery fruit.

Erwin Meekers has suggested this is Bong Ri, (a Nijiseiki x Ya Li cross).

Here is a picture of Bong Ri from an Australian government website, .

I think he is right. How it got in my neighborhood is a mystery.
-Mark Lee, Seattle

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