WANTED: Oplopanax horridus, Devil's Club

peggy1155(z6 PA)October 20, 2004

Native to Washington and Alaska, I think. I'm looking for either seeds or root. I know the seeds can take up to 2 years to germinate but would still really like some! This is "Devil's Club" which is different from "Devil's Walking Stick". Would really appreciate a trade or SASBE.



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I might be able to find some small plants to send when they start coming up.

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peggy1155(z6 PA)

Thanks Cherokee34! I was fortunate to receive some seeds from a friend. I really wanted them for my sister in New Hampshire for Christmas. I do appreciate your offer though, thank you so much!


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It was love at first sight when I came across Devils club online.I've searched everywhere for Root/plant.I'd be so grateful for any help.

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Gary. I can help you with the root and/or plants. have you acquired them yet?

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Been trying to start this plant from seed for years. No luck. Anyone willing to send a plant or cutting still? Contact me and we will work on the details. Thank you

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