Is this a paw paw?

serjy(z6 PA)September 22, 2009

I live in chester county PA and am desperately searching out some native paw paw fruits. So far to no avail. I'm wondering if I'm even looking at the right tree.

Are these paw paw trees? There are hundreds of them near this stream but NO fruit. From my research this is exactly the time of year they should be producing fruit. But I've had no luck. So lets start with...Do I even have the correct tree?

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Might be a hickory (or some relative) instead.
Paw Paw leaves are supposed to be toothless I believe.

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also seems to indicate the leaves are alternate for paw paw.

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You may want to take a look at some of the basic algorithms for tree identification that would be available on the internet. One of the first points is to distinguish compound leaves (like that of your hickory) composed of a number of leaflets (seven in your photo) from simple leaves. The pawpaw has simple leaves of a characteristic shape that are simple to identify - I can't think of another tree in the forest that you're likely to confuse it with. But they don't appear randomly in the forest like an oak or a maple might. Instead they appear in groves, often near rivers or creeks. They are out there but it may be some time before you stumble upon them.

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serjy(z6 PA)

You were exactly right guys. That was a hickory tree. I did find some pawpaws though! They aren't as close as I would like but I found a grove :)


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