Weather is very difficult this year

organic_kitten(8)April 18, 2013

We have had yo-yo temps...spring like then freezes then, this week and last, we are having high 80s! Not very good for my delicate little spring bloomers only.

And cool weather is coming again. I understand that those in Colorado and the other snow inundated states would like to tell me I have no idea...and it is true, I don't. But this weather is difficult none-the-less.

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You are so right, Kay, for us in this part of the U. S. because the temps in the 70's and 80's just make our plants grow and now we are expecting a frost or freeze Friday night into Saturday, and you may be doing the same. My husband and I have been out trying to get covers set up for what can be covered, but there are a lot of big plants that can't be, like many of our roses and these have buds. All we can do is hope that it could be very light and not last long; otherwise, who knows what kind of bloom season we will have. Right now it is pouring down rain as the cold front comes in. I don't think we will have the really bad weather like tornadoes or hail, the only silver lining in this cloud. Just yesterday, I saw the first DL scapes on Black-eyed Stella, and the plants are too big to cover, so we must just wait and see. Fingers and everything else crossed that it is just cold briefly, and no frost or freeze. Oh, yes, we have been receiving DLs from the Lily Auction, already put those in the ground, and we will cover those. Just received a couple of biggies from Mary Jane Meadows, those are potted and will not go into the ground until this system is gone. Friday or Saturday the big order from Blueridge comes in and they probably will be planted Sunday depending on the low temp, but I would think certainly next Monday. Avedon

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FlowerGardener(Z4 MN)

Here in Minnesota it is snowing again we are winter weary for sure. The only sign of spring is tulips that are starting to grow by the house where they get some protection from the weather. The snow was melted then we keep getting more to cover everything up again....Betty

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Julia NY(6)

In Upstate NY we are having mild temps nearing 70 today but it won't last. Suppose to go back to 50's this weekend. Very high winds today so can't do much in the garden. I was planning on weed whacking down one of my front beds and looking at how to redo it but with the wind, the weeds will just fly all over the place and then plant weed seeds in the beds I just cleaned.


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We are having up and down temperatures, too, Our daylilies aren't doing so well. The few FFO's we've had don't look good. Colors are off - hope it changes soon.


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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

Same here yo-yo temps all year so far. I've got hardy ground orchids that I've never seen blooms on freeze gets them every year after warm weather coaxes them out of dormancy. Tons of bearded iris buds that got zapped and a few early daylily scapes as well. I was just today going to plant out some new brugs that I got and rooted over the winter... Guess I'll wait another week...
But the real sting was the iris, was going to be a lot of FFE....


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Up and down yo-yo temps here also. This spring is nothing like the spring that we had last year.

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My earliest Dutch iris were very negatively affected by the on again/off again warmth. the bridal wreath spireas was warmed and frozen so many times its blooms were negligible.

The first rose blooms are small. I'm worried that the weather has been very hard on my daylilies. a lot of the foliage appears stressed.

On the other hand, the tall bearded iris that have bloomed so far, only a handful, look pretty good.

Weather! All we can do is talk about it, we can't change it. And I noticed, and I'm sure you did too, the weather has been odd all over the country. Thank you all for contributing to this discussion.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Yep, Same kind of weather here, too.was up in the 80's yesterday,, it was just very hot and humid, and today in the 50's dropping to the upper 30's tonight.Crazy weather.At least I don't have no blooms to get frozen. don't even see a scape yet.


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I agree with everyone even in Central FL we've had the same up and down temps. The strange temps did effect some of my DL's that scaped early but everyone seems to be doing OK now.

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Maryl zone 7a

Got to go along with everyone else. We are having such a cool spring. Just as I received a box of perennials from Bluestone Perennials, we got 3 inches of rain and near freezing temperatures. And we won't talk about the daylily boxes I haven't even opened yet. Can't dance and too wet to plow here in Northeast Oklahoma.........Maryl

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Standing water and so cold and windy here in Illinois. Terrible flash flooding and just squishy underfoot. I couldn't stay out today it was just too cold. I had some daylilies rot off and die from all the moisture I guess. Ready for at least a few nice days!

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