Pruning Pomegranate into a tree

elbeeSeptember 16, 2004

Hi there,

I have a pomegrante shrub that I would like to train into a tree form. But at this point it has 4 distinct branches growing out of the base. Is it too late to cut off three of the branches to allow only one of them to grow.


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I've never seen one that wasn't a multi-stemmed large shrub, but you can train them to a single stem; it'll just require continual pruning to keep any new suckers that come up from the base pruned off.

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drasaid(zone 8)

To make one stem. It DOES keep sending up shoots and I DO have to snip off lesser branches; however I don't want a five by five spiny ball in my yard so I have to do it. One stem with a spiny ball at the top I can deal with.
It's not the strongest plant, anyhow; mine keeps slumping over. I have to tie it to something. Hopefully it will stregthen. Mine is in a container, so I have to prune it anyway. Good luck.

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I have an overgrown pomegranate shrub and want to prune it hard. Should I do it now, or wait until after it blooms?

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Where can I buy pomegranate seed or cuttings?
I live in southeast KY?


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You can purchase pomegranate plants from a number of nurseries, like Edible Landscaping( I've got several pomegranates back home (in AL) at my parents' home, that I started from cuttings from a neighbor's trees, nearly 40 years ago. They're also relatively easy to start from seed, from what I understand, but this is not the typical time of year when you'd be able to find pomegranate fruits in the grocery(usually late fall and on into Dec/Jan).
Be aware that in your area, you'd have to grow pomegranate as a containerized plant - they won't survive a zone 6 winter outdoors. Even at my parents' place, on the zone 7/8 interface, they require a protected spot - one of the three tree, planted out in the open, near the garden, gets 'nuked' every year.

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painterbug(z8 Hell)

In my experience, pomegranates can take pruning. I actually didn't realize this was what I had and cut it to the ground to make way for a fence. It grew back with no problem and is now about 15 feet tall.

I don't know that it would work well as a standard tree. Mine looks a little like a multistemed vase shaped tree with arching tips. Similiar to a crepe myrtle.

Actually it looks quite nice like this. I just prune off any unwanted stems to contain the shape. The negative is that a ladder is required to pick fruit. I have a tall rose of Sharon opposite and a brick path down the middle. Makes a cave of orange and purple flowers in summer. Happy accident.

On a whim I tried to root cutting from it and they did very well. Used powder and a gallon pot of soil in a shady spot and it rooted fairly quickly, within a month.

Rutha I have no idea what variety I have but if you want cuttings to try I can mail you some. Just email me you're address.

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