Congested new growth, do anything?

severnsideJune 2, 2012

On a couple of my conifers the new growth is so vigorous and dense that branches are competing to get past each other. I was wondering if I should do anything at this stage to thin them out by removing some branches that aren't going to add to the form and allow the important ones to grow trouble free. Or do they simply find their own way in the mix?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

no pic???

so you are considering preemptive amputation before growth is finished???? .. based on what?? .. speculation as to the future????

very metaphysical


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Here's the crown of my Abies lasiocarpa 'Compacta' or whatever the name is. It had four upright branches each with five buds and the leader with two. So there are 22 branches in this top clump. I wondered if judicious pinching off of a couple might sort out the snarl. I was looking for people to perhaps say they do this or just crickets as that would give me the general answer.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

looks just like my 6 footer ... 6 leaders .. last years center bud.. and 4 or 5 laterals growing straight up

i dont have time for a pic right now

i was also wondering if this was normal habit and the side ones eventually lean out to 45 degrees or so ... or if i should cut them off also???

i dont recall ever doing such before .. [or never noticed it, which is the usual .. lol]

is this normal growth pattern??


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Looking at pictures on Google 'Compacta' seems to vary from a single leader cone to multi leader bushy forms. Guess mine is going to be the latter. As no one has said otherwise I'll just let it sort itself out as it wants.

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